Happy Holidays from Frank.

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We at Frank are pleased to present a data-driven, semi-comprehensive survey to determine which category best represents the kind of Marketer you have become. Please scroll down the list, “truthfully” answer each question, and check your results at the end.

Any similarity to actual people, living or dead, or events, real or fictional, is purely coincidental. Results may, and most likely will, vary. Enjoy!

  • Forgot your intern’s name, and the fact that you had one?
  • Visited your own company’s webpage all day to drive up analytic reports?
  • Allowed your 11-year-old nephew to art direct brand development because “he likes video games with cool graphics”?
  • Made your coffee ultra-creamy with the last of the organic half-and-half, leaving your coworkers to rely on the fake stuff?
  • Attempted to reenact “The Hangover” in Vegas during a tradeshow?
  • Told your friends to unlike a competitor’s Facebook page, and like yours instead?
  • Worn out your conference phone’s mute button to cover snide remarks directed at the party on the other end?
  • Borrowed the best pens in the office and returned them without the caps?
  • Accidently hit “reply all” and failed to make amends with the miffed recipients?
  • You use exclamation points! A lot! To increase the response rates of your marketing materials!!!!?
  • You’ve uttered the following phrase at a party: “The synergy of holistic integrated multi-layered, multi-platform vertical segmentation of target demographics across outlets combined with social media would really improve this event.”?


naughty iconAnswered MORE than 6 questions with “YES”? Well, aren’t you—as the kids say—a “meanie”. Hang your head in shame and go straight to the Naughty list. For shame!

nice icon1
Answered MORE than 6 questions with “NO”?
You must be perfect or a perfectly awesome liar. (Or you don’t actually work in marketing.) Go on and add yourself to the Nice list and revel in your altruistic ways.


From all of us here at Frank. Strategic Marketing, we wish you a safe and happy holidays!

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