ADDY 2014 Series: Evolving to Thrive: CEDIA EXPO 2013

For CEDIA EXPO 2013, Frank. called on Charles Darwin for help.

Inspired by his Theory of Evolution, we developed a campaign to speak to what companies working in the custom electronic design and installation industry need to do to not just survive, but thrive.

As the economic downturn continued to impact CEDIA’s target market, we worked with the theme to address the importance of evolving one’s company or product offerings to attract more customers with a diversified portfolio. The “evolve to survive” tagline spoke to the lengths companies had to go to in order to stay relevant to their customer base.

CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is an international trade association made up of 3,500 companies worldwide that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home.

Creative Elements

Harkening back to Charles Darwin, we developed four unique “insects” that were created from various tech-related products to further support the campaign theme  that through hybridization, companies would see their bottom lines improve.


As an industry with a heavy technology component, the campaign had to lead with digital—website, interactive show tools, digital brochures, video, a show app, and mobile marketing—to be supplemented with more traditional print materials including trade advertising, direct mail, a 48-page registration brochure and a 92-page on-site show guide.


Across the board, CEDIA Expo 2013 saw a rise in attendance, unprecedented growth in new exhibitors and a dramatic increase in participation of their flagship CEDIA Training offerings.

We also recently learned that this campaign was named an ADDY Finalist from the American Advertising Federation of Baltimore. Wish us luck as we go for the Gold against other talented, regional agencies on March 20.


Ad Campaign

CEDIA Expo 2013 "Evolve" Ad Campaign


WebsiteCEDIA Expo 2013 Website

Registration Brochure

CEDIA Expo 2013 Registraion Brochure

Virtual Brochure

CEDIA Expo 2013 Virtual Registration Brochure


Stamp System

CEDIA Expo 2013 Campaign Brand Element — Stamps


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