ADDY Series: Self Promotion, Take 5

Frank. is making another tasty impact on the Addys. We recently entered our 2013 Holiday Mailer into the Self Promotion category and we’re pleased to announce that it’s either a Gold or Silver winner—we’ll find out which color when the Addys are presented on March 20. This is our fifth award in this category.

The Holiday Mailer is always one of our favorite projects and last year’s was no exception. We developed a “data-driven, quasi-comprehensive” survey for the recipient to determine if they were either Naughty or Nice.

Naughty or Nice Survey
2013 Frank Holiday Mailer Questionare

Working with the talented folks at Indigo Ink and a local gourmet chocolatier, we created a gift box to accompany the survey directing the recipient to one of two smaller boxes depending upon their answers.

The Naughty Box contained a customized bag of chocolate coal along with instructions to open the Nice Box. Inside the Nice Box, recipients discovered a note saying that a donation had been made to their local food bank as well as instructions to go ahead and open the Naughty Box for their sweet reward.

For spreading holiday cheer, providing a dose of self-reflection, and contributing to worthwhile causes across the country, we’ve been given something in kind—recognition by our peers for a job well done.

Invitation Kit

2013 Frank Holiday Mailer

Charity Greeting Card

charity brochure

Coal Pouch Stamp



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