’Tis the Season – for Binge Watching

Now, we at Frank. know that the holidays are traditionally used as a time to air your grievances, marvel at the high electric bill, and open a copious amount of presents.

However, most of that will last you an afternoon (maybe an evening, tops). You’ll undoubtedly use the remaining time to cement a new tradition in this new era of media consumption… catching up on your favorite shows or discovering new ones.

It’s within this spirit that we created the TV Binge-Watching Guide.

Frank Binge Watching TV GuideCover Photo © Boris and Company

Based on our collective binge experience, we offer you these tried-and-true rules to employ around the real hearthstone of your living room, the television.

  • Ensure that everyone can see and hear to their eyes’ and ears’ content.
  • Be tougher than your favorite character.
  • Resist fueling your TV addiction on the sly.
  • Keep your pumpkin pie hole shut.
  • Focus on the small screen, not the very small screen.
  • Tame that itchy trigger finger.
  • Accommodate all just-one-more-episode requests.
  • Reign in your urges until the episode is over.

From all of us here at Frank. Strategic Marketing, we wish you a safe, restful and entertaining holiday season!

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