Eventology: The Science of Event Marketing

At the heart of Frank, we believe in strategically driven creative that powers campaigns. Informed messaging. Targeted audiences. Resonant takeaways. Trackable performance. All paired with unexpected concepts, stunning visuals, and dynamic copy. And we apply this to our own projects as well – the Eventology Campaign is a prime example.

With 20 years of experience marketing for associations and their respective tradeshows, we developed Eventology – the science of event marketing – to showcase our approach in key marketing disciplines. Through a series of direct mail packages, we explore scientific metaphors for enhancing event marketing.


Eventology starts with Brandistry (the science of blending strategy and creative to generate an explosive reaction for your event’s brand). A single serving packet of coffee (it’s caffeine that gets us going early in the morning and late into the evenings) housed in a test tube served as the perfect metaphor for the chemistry behind high-energy brand awareness.

ceffee test tube


Eventology continues with Exhibotany (the cultivation of the right exhibitors for your event to flourish). A seed packet (filled with breath mints) drew the parallel between the principles of Botany and getting exhibitors rooted on the show floor thriving with face-to-face interaction.

seed packets and mints


Eventology also incorporates Attendology (the science of attracting an array of attendees and making your event numbers take flight). Just like ornithology (the study of birds), attracting a variety of attendees to your event requires an understanding of their complex needs and patterns. A candy-filled bird feeder accompanied by an “attendee-identifier manual” showcased our understanding of the many challenges event marketers face when attracting attendees to their show.



With systematic success and proven methods, Eventology continues to showcase Frank’s ability to enhance events across all industries. To learn more about Eventology and how Frank can improve your event, please contact us.



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